Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Days 18-20

Sorry for being so silent these past few days! There really hasn't been too much to report, we've had a lot of homework and a lot of class! Monday we only had Italian for two hours for some reason which would have been awesome EXCEPT that meant we made up that time by having italian for three and a half hours Tuesday and today. Rough stuff, I can't sit through three and a half hours of anything let alone Italian class. Non va bene.
Monday was a work day, we went to the school around 11 to get our work for business ethics and Italian done. Then we had business ethics and had to go to Italian pretty shortly thereafter, but naturally we stopped at our favorite pizza place along the way. I know it's boring, but even their plain pizza is so good.
Tuesday our Art & Architecture class got cancelled, which was kind of unfortunate actually because we were supposed to be on site and I think we miss that now, because she said we'll be in the classroom next time. Three hours of art and architecture slides is not exactly my idea of fun. This meant that Marie and I got to explore a little bit though. It was a beautiful day so we walked to the Spanish steps and decided on a whim to eat at the Tea Rooms right at the foot of the Spanish Steps, which we knew would cost us an arm and a leg, but we thought why not just this once. We pass it every day and it looks old timey and cute so we thought we'd give it a shot. Well naturally it was crazy expensive but it was really good. We got fantastic earl grey tea which in our own little kettles which tasted so good, the italians really don't do tea and it's something I actually miss a little. Then we got pumpkin soup and finger sandwiches. It was a fun outing at a cute place, really nice. Then three and half hours of Italiano. The good news is I have a fun class and great teacher, otherwise I don't know how I'd make it. Maria made a fritatta for dinner yesterday with the leftover pasta from the night before (she knows it's our favorite) and fettucini with peppers and sausage. It was incredible as per usual. We went out with everyone last night to the bar we go to every Tuesday because it has karaoke. It was really fun, but as Marie and I always say, we all could probably have fun in a cardboard box, it's just fun when everyone goes out together.
Today was pretty mellow, we had business ethics in the morning and another 3 and a half hours of Italian which seemed endless. But then we had Maria's dinner when we got home. Tonight she made this incredible fish and pasta with an olive sauce. I have never had anything less than an incredible meal with her it's crazy! And it's something completely different every night! We also got to meet her son who lives in Rome the other day, Adrianno. It was so funny, he's just like her, energetic and friendly and very talkative.
Tomorrow we have class in Santa Maria Maggiore which means we can really sleep in! That should be great, I'm looking forward to hearing more about the church. This weekend we have the mozzarella farm trip which I am probably unnaturally excited about. Literally cannot wait. People say it's the best meal you will eat here and to not eat for days before hand. And on Sunday we go to the Roma vs. Parma soccer game which will be quite an experience I'm sure! Oh and almost forgot to mention Marie and I had our first experience with laundry over here! There is not dryer, which I'm used to because we hang most things to dry on Cuttyhunk all summer, but the washers are SO SMALL I can literally fit maybe a quarter of an American load in one and that's being generous. So that should be interesting...
That being said, every day I love this city more and more. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with everything, more like I'm living here and not just a tourist. I still think every day how lucky I am to be here, how lucky I am to be able to say I studied in Rome for 4 months.

More to come soon!



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