Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 9

Such a beautiful day today! sixty degrees and sunny for most of the day in Roma. I got to sleep in for once which was wonderful. Marie and I took our time getting ready, because today we had nowhere to go. We ended up walking from our house to the Spanish Steps which is not too far at all. We love walking here but unfortunately, when we have class it's not always possible since we have time constraints. So being able to walk yesterday was great. My favorite thing is to get of the main roads and walk on the little side streets. They're so beautiful and quintessentially Italian. Not to mention the city explodes on weekend and the main roads are super busy.

We got lunch on one of the side streets off the Spanish Steps which was alright, not great, but we knew that going in because we were so close to a major tourist attraction. But the prices were good so we went for it, and the thing is, I've never had a bad meal here, some are just better than others.

After lunch we strolled down Via Condotti which is one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world, and it was PACKED. Our goal was to find Zara which we had seen when we were taken on our walking tour of rome on the first day. We finally found it and it was FOUR FLOORS and absolutely everything was on sale. Being that this is my favorite store ever, it was like a died and went to shopping heaven. We needed to find more going out shirts because we didn't bring enough that are appropriate for Rome. They dress much more casually here than they do in the states, but still dress up a little bit from what they'd wear during the day, which is great because this means no heels all semester.

After a successful shopping trip, Marie and I walked over to one of our favorite coffee places near the Spanish steps and got an espresso and a gelato (only my second one since I've been here surprisingly!) I got half chocolate half lemon and had flashbacks to our time at Ca di Pesa! It's still just as good. Walking back to get on the metro I was just thinking I can't even imagine what it would be like here in the summer if this is what it's like on a weekend in January.

Marie and I got back and took a nice long nap in preparation to go out again tonight. We got ready and went to a little place next to our building for dinner that was actually not bad at all, and will definitely be good on weekend nights. The mozzarella was pretty good. We met up with all of our friends at Campo di Fiori which was so fun, AND I met up with Theresa's best friend from home who goes to BC Christina which was SO much fun because I feel like I know her, and she felt the same way. We hung out for a lot of the night which was so great. It will be so fun when Theresa comes and we can all hang out together!

All in all a great Saturday in Roma. Tonight we're going to mass at the basilica of San Paolo which is the burial place of Saint Paul. and the seminarians that are associated with our program are cooking dinner for our group so we'll go there after.

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